Agro-Negócio para o Desenvolvimento de Moçambique, Limitada.


Our Passion

Realizing Symbiltic Civilizations in the 22nd Century

How can we realize a genuine deveopment of Mozambique? Africa? And the World?

Starting from the small-scale and locally consumed bio-diesel fuel project with small farmers groups in Mozambique, our main field overarches Energy, Food, Money, etc. Our project portfolio, renewable energy, low input and diversive agriculture, e-money solution for non-electrified areas, digital farmers cooperative project all aspires for peace engineering.

Not only eliminating the divisive issues, we also explore “cultural coexistence”, which helps cross subsidization or vicious cycle of reciprocity. We envisage that “cultural coexistence” could create a richer culture in the next generation, and beyond.

Contribution to Common Goals

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In order to making our world happier together, we aim to contribute to:

Our Action

Stories So Far

Our business started in Japan in 2000. We established a company in Mozambique in 2012. We participate in building better locals and nations through connecting communities with appropriate technologies.



Cash Transfer Program --- ADM is providing IT solution and field operation for CTP using Near Field Communication (NFC) card which can record the transfer both with and without internet connection.

We are the implementer of the first e-voucher program of FAO. →http://www.fao.org/documents/card/en/c/I9140EN/


Agriculture Innovation Platform in Africa --- Makoto Gouda, CEO of NBF/ADM, presented the concept of AIPA as a representative of working group on Agriculture of the Africa Business Council in Tokyo International Conference on African Development held in 2019 (TICAD VII). The idea was adopted in the Yokohama Action Plan and ADM has been taking initiative for the realization. →https://www.mofa.go.jp/af/af1/page4e_001077.html


Digital Farmers Cooperative --- A New Infrastructure as a Social Common Capital. In Japan 50-60% of Agri-Products and Agri-Inputs transactions are through Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA). Not only farmers but also Agri sector private companies cannot grow up without JA. JA has more than 100 hospitals and hire doctors by themselves. JA provides necessary infrastructure for rural life.


Virtual Farmers Market / Virtual Farmers Association / New Credit for Farmers --- These are key functions of our DFC platform. We believe these functions will make synergies for empowering small holder farmers and rural communities.


Visualize efforts / Visualize issues / Visualize impacts --- These are key concepts of our DFC platform. We believe these visualizations will help to reduce absurdity in the world.

Further Materials

Our Field Operation

Our Visionary Framework

Goda, M. (2019). System reforms for improving agriculture: A Vision for Digitalizing African Agricultural Infrastructure Based on Farmer Unionization. Diplomacy, No.53, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.